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Builder Manual

fpm: FTD Package Manager & Static Site Generator

FPM is a command line tool written in Rust that acts as both package manager for FTD programs as well as static site generator that converts .ftd files to .html files you can ship on Github Pages, Vercel etc.

These are the key features of fpm:

fpm Performance Issues

Currently fpm takes about > a second to generate a typical page, and the generated HTML is about >1MB in size. We are working on these.

Learn about other known issues here.

Learning Resource

We are writing three manuals to help you learn FPM:

  • Author Manual, if you want to use fpm as a end user, to power your next blog, book, portfolio site, product landing page etc.
  • Bulder Manual, if you want to create fpm packages that other people can use.


Checkout what is planned in Roadmap, and day to day updates in the Journal.

Github: github.com/FifthTry/fpm Discord: #fpm on FifthTry