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fpm Color Scheme Packages

If you are maintaining a website, it is a good idea to keep the color scheme (and typography for that matter) separate from your main code base, so you can easily change the colors of your site.

FPM packages are recommended to use fpm.color variable instead of harcoding colors. In your main package, you can then import one of the color schemes and change the colors.

fpm packages are either “regular packages”, regular packages come with ftd components but they do not specify any colors, they just use fpm.color variable, and then there are “color-scheme packages”, and these packages do not define any ftd components, but update the fpm.color variables.

FPM color scheme packages is a good way to distribute your color palettes. There is a color-doc component to document such color schemes, and in future we are also planning to create a way to export the color scheme as design.json, so you can use the color schemes even from a non fpm package.