Getting started with github pages
Easiest way to get started with fpm is using the github pages to host your built assets.
Using the template repository
You can use our template repository fpm-blog to create your own repo.
Step 1: Creating your own repo
Open the fpm-blog repository in your browser and click on the Use this template button
Step I: Use the template repository to initialize your repository
Step 2: Updating the configs in repository
In order to use the package properly, you’ll need to make the following changes in your codebase.
-- import: fpm

-- fpm.package: <username_or_orgname><repo_name>

-- fpm.dependency:
Step 3: Activate the Github Pages environment on your repo

In your repository, go to Settings > Pages to access the Github Pages admin section.

Choose the build branch in the dropdown and in the directory dropdown, choose /(root) and click on Save.