Getting started with Vercel
Vercel is an incredibly easy to use tool which helps you build and ship your websites with an easy to use interface. You can get started with a fresh repository (step 1) or you can deploy your existing repository (step 2).
Step 1. Choosing the source of your deployment
Step 1.1. Start from scratch: New Repository
Use this template to initialize. Check out step 2 for the configuration setup.
Just choose your repository name and click on the Create button
Step 1.2. Deploy an existing repository

Deploying an existing FPM repository on vercel is quite easy. On your vercel dashboard, click on New Project and select your git provider and the repository accordingly.

Once done, you’ll be taken to the Configuration Dashboard of the application. Select the FRAMEWORK PRESET as Other and enter the configuration mentioned in Step 2.

Step 2. Vercel FPM configuration
Once the application is up and ready, head over to Settings > General and enter the following configuration in the Build & Development Settings
Build Command
fpm build --base=/
Output Directory
Install Command
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Congratulations, your FPM package is now successfully hosted. You can head over to the application dashboard to see your deployment domain(s).