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Known Issues

Known Issues

Translation Can Not Be Added Unless Original Package Has Been Published

If you want to start a new project and create its translations right away, you will have to first publish the original language package, and then add the other ones, else there is a circular issue (translation can not be built because it will try to download the original, which is not yet published, and original package will try to download the translation package, original needs them so original can publish translation-status page).

We know you love it, you are like:

But cool down, let’s do it in steps.

Translation Tracking Doesn’t Work If You Do Not fpm sync

From time to time you will have to call fpm sync. You can do it every time you modify any file that is part of the package in fact.

At some point we will remove this requirement, maybe we will work off of git commit-hashes instead of last modified time stamps as per .history folder, but for now we need .history folder updated regularly.

Call fpm sync often.