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fpm: Offline Sync
fpm comes with ability to “clone” any fpm package, and view and modify it offline. We support two way sync, with first class conflict handling, so you do not inadvertently overwrite changes done by others when syncing your changes back online.

View Offline
With this feature, you can clone a package, and build/serve it on your local machine. This is great keeping a copy of the site on your local machine for access when you do not have internet connection.

Access Control
offline feature works only if you have proper access to the fpm package in question. You can download a package only if the package owner have allowed you read access to it.

Archive FPM Sites
With offline feature it is possible to download the content of fpm powered website for creating an offline archive. When you clone a site you get access to it’s entire history.

Use Your Own Editor
fpm comes with built in editor, but you may want to use your own editor instead of fpm’s web based editor. There are a lot of very powerful and feature rich editors available today, and with this feature fpm users can use any of those editors, and are not limited to the built in editor.