Translation Philosphy

Translation is not an objective comparison, but rather a subjective evaluation. We believe that a every incremental change in a package should propogate changes across the translations. In an ideal situation, a translation package should be instructed from the master to make translation for specific requirements.

For a particular document, The translated document can exist in one of the four states.

Missing does not exist, in this scenario we’ll fall back to
Never Marked
The document exists but the translation hasn’t been approved as of now. This state exists so you can work on the translation incrementally while keeping the history in order.
Up to date
The document exists and has been marked as up to date. This is the ideal state for a document to be in. As the name implies, the up to date document defines a document that is in sync
Out of date
An out of date document implies that the document has been updated and moved ahead since the last time we approved the document